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What You Can Expect From the Different Luxury Hotels of the World

There are a lot of things that go into a great luxury hotel. All the different Luxury hotels of the world have something unique to offer their guests and are in fact known for a number of their great aspects. No matter how large or small the luxury hotels may be, one of the things that they all have in common is to pamper their guests and leave them with an ultimate sense of satisfaction. In fact, each of these hotels is such that they have recurring guests, who will find it hard to not come back for another visit. After all, it is quite a different feeling to be completely pampered and taken care of in ultimate style.

There are many hotel organizations that one will come across if you look around. In fact, depending on which country you might be travelling to, there might be a chain of luxury hotels in that very country. It is just that you might have to do some research of your own in order to find out the exact kind of hotel that will be of interest to you and possibly be in your budget. It is also possible to shortlist a number of hotels which might be close to what you like, in case your destination might not have a true luxury hotel.

But, this is highly unlikely considering the fact that almost every other country has at least one luxury hotel organization. In fact, many of these hotels even have chains which operate internationally. The one thing that they maintain in their hotels in common is their high level of architecture and possibly a standard design that their establishment can easily be identified with. This makes it easier for guests to seamlessly adjust to whichever place that they might be going to. In fact, this is one of the reasons why people opt for high end hotels – it is the level of service that is maintained everywhere.

The facilities offered by these high end hotels are truly mindboggling and in fact something that you should definitely think about. When you look at all of the hotels of the world, a common trait that you might come across is the fact that they all offer very high levels of service and amenities that they tend to keep adding to every now and then. This is the one factor about these hotels that you can look up to and be extremely happy about. They care a lot about the comfort of the guests and want to make sure that they have no facility to complain about.

If you haven’t tried out one of these high end hotels yet, you might want to do so the next time you are presented with this option. In fact, most people are completely mesmerized by the concept itself and want to try it out for themselves before moving on to anything else. It is for this reason that the number of such high end hotels are on the rise.

Guide to Hotels in Santa Monica

Located on the Pacific Ocean, the City of Los Angeles is known all over the world for its glamor. Santa Monica is a city that located within the City of LA. Santa Monica embodies everything a visitor imagines of a coastal town in an urban setting. Hundreds of palm trees, beautiful tanned bodies, sunshine and dozens of stunning hotels lining the beaches.

Ocean Avenue begins where San Vicente Blvd from Brentwood ends on the cliffs. Ocean Avenue extends south up to 2 miles and is lined with giant thick palm trees, million dollar homes and condominiums and glass front hotels. Ocean Avenue is full of parks, restaurants, parks and attractions for the family. All the hotels along Ocean Ave allow visitors to take advantage of all the sights in Santa Monica. There are two main locations of hotels along Ocean Avenue. Those that are on the eastern side of the street that have views of the beach and ocean only, and those on the western side whose back doors and guestrooms actually open out onto the ocean.

Those hotels that are on Ocean Ave but not on the beach include the Fairmont Miramar, Vice Roy and The Georgian. The lobby of the Vice Roy is elegant and contemporary while giving guests the feel they have traveled back in time to the 1920s. White leather chairs against golden door knobs and chandeliers with a full bar and mirrors in the background give the lobby a comfortable but classy feel. On the other side of the lobby is the pool where quaint cabanas line the edge of the pool. The hotel stretches out parallel to the ocean and guests with rooms in the east facing wall will have views of the Santa Monica Mountains, all of Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles rather than the ocean.

Located on the central area of Ocean Ave is the Georgian Hotel. This hotel is smaller, has a Victorian look and is wedged in between two other buildings. Once the playground for the rich and famous as well as Hollywood’s elite in the 1920s, the Georgian offers a boutique feel with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Santa Monica’s many shopping and dining opportunities are only steps away from the Georgian.

At the intersection of Wilshire Blvd and Ocean Ave is the Fairmont Miramar. This hotel is a California contemporary high rise with individual balconies for each room. The Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica is a full luxury resort hotel offering spas and relxation services. Guests entering off of Wilshire Blvd will find themselves in an oasis of fountains, gardens and a pool along with private cabanas and a full lobby. Most of the rooms afford guests spectacular views of the ocean and the hotel is steps from a bridge that takes visitors down to the beach.

The hotels that line the beach of Santa Monica include Casa Del Mar, Shutters and Lowes. Each of these hotels are grand resorts and offer guests the ability to check in and then walk right out on the beach. The Casa Del Mar is the only five star property along this stretch. Guests checking in at the lobby will notice amongst the book cases, large furniture and chandeliers a gigantic window behind the bar and restaurant area that over looks the Pacific Ocean. On clear days, this back drop looks like a scene from a movie rather than a hotel lobby.

Shutters and Lowes are immediately adjacent to the Casa Del Mar. While not as full on fancy and elegant, these hotels are still very high priced and offer full spa and relaxation services. All of these hotels offer on site pools that have 360 views of the ocean, allowing guests to enjoy the sun, layout and enjoy a cocktail.

In addition to the four and five star hotels that line Ocean, there are many discounted budget hotels in the area as well. These include the Hotel California, Ocean View Hotel and a Travellodge.