Online Guitar Course ‘Elmore Music – Guitar Tips’ Comparative Review

Elmore Music – Guitar Tips from Chris Elmore is one of the oldest online guitar courses that provide very good learning materials for Beginner Level and Intermediate Level guitar players. They have basically 8 guitar learning products. Out of which Guitar Tips is the best selling one which is focussed towards beginners and intermediate level players. Elmore Music also has another package product called Ultimate Speed Learning System which has packaged all the 8 products under a single label. But the advantage is that you can get a whopping discount of around $500. Or you have the option of buying them as individual courses at a one time payment of $27 each. The courses can be accessed via internet as well as you can download them on to your PCs. But each downloadable ZIP file is large and you would require a fast connection to download it, with dial up it’s almost impossible.

The Lessons in Guitar Tips are structure in this way,

1. Lets Get Started (15 lessons),
2. Getting Into Chords (11 lessons)
3. Practice Strumming Chords (6 lessons),
4. Getting Into Leads and Scales (9 lessons),
5. Exploring Further Lead Techniques (9 lessons),
6. Hot Extras (6 lessons) and
7. Popular Songs to Learn and Play (20 lessons)

If you are looking for an absolutely offline training on guitar, then you can have a look at the award winning Learn and Master Guitar course. This is a purely DVD based longer duration(of 2 years) training that you can take at the comfort of your home and is best suited for beginners, intermediate level players and also children. The best part is that you can directly interact with Steve Krenz, the instructor at Learn and Master Guitar and also other guitarists through a very lively forum. Having said about guitar instructor, I have to mention about JamPlay, the online guitar course that has taking online guitar training to a new level. They are providing 30 highly professional guitar instructors having vast experience in varied genres of Music. They are very popular these days for their Extremely High Definition Interactive Video Lessons accessible through Internet and priced at an affordable $20/month subscription fees. And they have very good training material for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level players. Having mentioned about video instructions, Guitar Tips and Learn & Master Guitar are also providing highly interactive Video Lessons to their students. Hal Leonard and Esteban Guitar are also good options for beginners not planning to whack a lot of money in guitar lessons.


All the 3 guitar courses are good in one way or the other. It all depends on what type of guitar coaching you are looking for. If you are planning to go for a complete DVD based training then I would recommend Learn and Master Guitar. And if you are a beginner or a season guitarist and looking for a pure online guitar course with high definition video instructions I would say JamPlay is the BEST. You can experience online guitar training right from your computer screen. And Elmore Music is the best & most affordable DVD based as well as Online training method for beginners and Intermediate level players.

Understanding Nursing Degree Courses

Nursing degree courses vary from one program to the next. The basic courses that you may have to take as a nursing degree student are biological sciences, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, critical care nursing, adult, pediatric and geriatric care, environmental and occupational health, home health care, human growth and development, fundamentals of practice in nursing, maternal/child and neonatal care, medical and surgical care, microbiology, nursing leadership, nutrition, physical assessment, pharmacology, psychology, sociology and statistics.

The list of courses mentioned above are an example of the courses that an online nursing program may need you to complete. Since the nursing career has a wide scope subject, the courses that are offered are diverse enough for professional nurses to navigate to the role of administrator or educator and as well as other branches of nursing.

Non-nursing courses can also be taken online to help complete the prerequisites of an online nursing degree program. Taking online courses for these subjects allow applicants to fulfill more requirements prior to entering the nursing program which is beneficial in reducing the amount of extra courses to be taken during the program.

With distance learning or online format for a nursing degree, there is a lack of courses offered for science laboratory. Applicants may need to enquire more on the availability of such courses. If it is not possible, it is wise to take science laboratory courses in person. There are a few programs online that offer science lab courses using online labs and home lab kits, but make sure that the online nursing programs are recognized.

Nursing degree courses depend on the level of your degree and can also be selected based on your desired field of specialization. Specialization in some fields that have less competition can give you the edge and increase your demand as a nurse. By choosing courses that can help to cross-train you while you earn your nursing degree will ensure the advancements in your career and land promotions. Courses for specialization that you can consider are behavioral health, critical care, developmental disabilities, oncology, trauma, and many more.

Find out in details about the list of courses that are offered for your online nursing degree program to make sure that they are in line with the career goal you have in mind in the nursing field. Most importantly is to check out the facilities and study materials provided for the whole course.

Golf Course Types by Ownership

One of the things that a newcomer to the World of golf would probably like to know is what the difference is between different types of golf course. This question is more complicated than you may first imagine as there are really three different ways to express what category a particular golf course fits into.

The first is by setting and categories a course by whether it is set in heathland, woodland or by the ocean etc. The second type is by length, where the course is categorized essentially by the length of time it takes to play a round, so these types will be pitch & putt, full length or executive, so called because executives may not have time to play a round on a full length course of 18 holes. Most executive courses are only 9 holes.

In this article though we are going to look at how golf courses can be categorized by ownership. The above two types of categorization allow you to know what to expect when you turn up to play. However, this third type of categorization determines whether or not you will be allowed access to the course at all.

The following is not an exhaustive list of course types but these are the most popular types of course that you might come across.

Private Golf Courses are courses which are owned by a golf club and they only allow play by members of the club. If you aren’t a member of the club then you can’t play, unless of course you are lucky enough to be invited to play by someone who is already a member.

Public Golf Courses can be courses owned by private organizations or individuals or by other organizations such as local businesses. The key here is that the owner charges a fee for playing. Essentially this means that the course is open to be played by anyone who can afford to pay the fee.

Courses also exist which are essentially a combination of the above two. Club members can play at any time. The public are allowed to play but usually only on specific days of the week, or times of day.

Municipal golf course are owned by the local government. They operate like public golf courses but the money paid for the green fees goes to the them as opposed to a private individual or company.

Some residential areas have their own golf course which is designed to be played by the local residents only. They tend to be run by the community itself and as such are not open to the public.

Finally there is the resort golf course. Resort golf courses are owned and operated by a holiday resort or a hotel chain for the pleasure of their guests. Play may not be restricted to resort guests however, and so you may find some resort courses are open to the public in return for a fee.