Christian Boarding School Considerations

Choosing a school for your child is a tough decision. Parents all over the world are faced with this decision each year, as we contemplate where they will get the best education and where their talents will be best put to use. If you are considering a private school or a Christian boarding school, you may not be sure where to start. While there are many websites that grade schools on many different factors, they usually only include local public education options.

Below are a few places to begin your decision making when you have made the first decision of sending your child to a religious or private school.

School Denomination – If the school you are interested in for your child is affiliated with a specific religious denomination (i.e. Protestant, Baptist, Presbyterian), then your child will also most likely be required to follow along with their practices. While Christian beliefs do not vary too much overall, if you are set in your ways with a different denomination, or perhaps none at all, your child may find this type of environment very off putting and uncomfortable.

Educational Goals, including College – Not all parents think to consider the long term education goals of their child. While young kids may not exactly know what they want to do in the future as far as college is concerned, parents most often want to keep all options available to them. This might mean choosing one school over another due to accreditation or other issues. With private schools, there may be certain guidelines that may need to be met in order for proper acceptance to public universities and colleges. Being aware of this situation should prevent unexpected surprises years down the road.

Recreational Desires and Availability – Although often a minor consideration in choice of schools, parents and teens alike will want to consider the recreational opportunities available at the choice of Christian boarding schools. Certain schools may be more suited for your child, depending on their interests, whether that is arts, music, equines or science. Looking into the availability of these types of programs is recommended before making a final choice for your child’s education.