How New Technologies Enable Us to Learn Better

Learn from the best teachers

Gone are the days when we had to attend the best colleges or schools to learn from the best teachers. Now, the technology is bringing them in our study room. We don’t have to travel to far off places or spend lot of money to get access to good teachers. High quality education is available to us in form of videos, eBooks or tests – all prepared by good teachers around the world.

Learn with your friends

Our school days are most memorable because of our friends. Friends share notes, discuss various topics and quiz each other. Not to mention, friends helping other friends who find it difficult to understand in class. The power of social networks is enabling all this while studying in our room. The greatest advantage is the accessibility to number of friends and discovering more people from whom we can learn.

Learn at your own speed

So you missed a lecture? Or worse, you were not able to follow in the class you attended. You can always revisit your classes on your smartphone or computer using recorded videos. And the best part is that you can pause these videos anytime and go at your own pace. Further, you can watch video lessons any number of times you want by rewinding them. It is like reading a book – just that it is more interesting and effective.

Take the most optimized learning path

In the real world we learn in a haphazard way based on events occurring around us. This type of learning is unique to us, i.e., the way we learn is completely different from the way our friends learn. While in our standard course curriculum, learning is standardized – everybody goes through the same course curriculum depending on the age group they fall. Now, using technology, we can enable personalized learning that is customized according to a student’s need. Students can take learning paths according to their strengths and likings.

Go deeper with the information available on web

Today we can get loads of information on any subject we want to know about. There is so much information available on internet. Modern technologies are enabling us to filter out most relevant knowledge out of this information and let us discover what exactly what we are looking for. Pick any topic and you can go very deep in understanding about that. Now, our learning is not restricted to 100 pages of our course book.

How to Choose a Life Coach

If you are serious about achieving a balanced life, it is important for you to know how to choose a life coach. It is easy to teach others, but when it comes to implementing the same lessons in your own life, it usually sounds very difficult. There are times when you tell your friend or colleague to have a positive attitude in life, but when you yourself are caught in an adverse situation, you forget everything and feel depressed.

That is the reason why, availing the services of a coach is important – especially in this ‘dog eat dog’ world where everything is moving at the speed of light – whether it is about career, relationships, business, or any other area. Besides, you just can’t hire any coach.

Who Is The Best Coach For You?

Before you start learning the secrets of a balanced life, you should first learn how to choose a life coach. The best coach for you is obviously the one whose coaching style allows you to connect with him/her. If you are not feeling comfortable with the coach’s coaching style, you will not be able to achieve the best results. Coaching is like a partnership between you and the coach. Therefore, instead of focusing on the experience and qualification of the coach, you are recommended to focus on his/her coaching style. You should go ahead only if you are convinced and impressed with the style. Always remember that no matter how qualified or experienced a life coach is, if your comfort level does not match, you will not be able to achieve the desired success.


While you are learning how to choose a coach, it is important for you to understand that there are no specific legal standard for degrees or certification within the field of life coaching. Depending upon an array of factors, the qualification of a life coach varies. Always remember that not all coaches have professional qualifications like degrees in business, psychology, or counseling. Some of them do have, but most of them do not. That is the reason why the style of life coaching also varies a lot. In fact, the qualifications and experience of a coach should not be an indicator of his/her abilities.

Overall, while you are exploring the different options to choose a coach, you should note that the best approach is to choose the one that you are the most comfortable with.